copying data to home directory or backup directory

Mount your new disk on your computer as /home_local or something very similar to that.

Copy data from the lagavulin fileserver either over NFS (without removing any files!):
rsync -av /home/USER/ /home_local/USER/
or over ssh directly from lagavulin:
rsync -av -e “ssh -c blowfish” lagavulin:/home1/USER/ /home_local/USER/

You can do the above when you contiune to work as usual. To do the final transfer you should also use the –delete option to rsync which remove the old files on the target if they don’t exist on the source anymore, i.e.
rsync -av –delete /home/USER/ /home_local/USER/

When doing this it is best to not be logged on and use a lot of programs. Perhaps simply logging in through a text console is the best.

Make sure that the source and target are in the correct order!

When this has been done contact someone to make sure the NFS export is working, the auto.home and auto.backup files are correct and to issue the correct commands to put the information in the NIS tables.

To do the final backup I have a script in my home directory which looks like this and is named which I run periodically:

if [ "`hostname`" == "$BHOST" ]; then
  time rsync -e "ssh -c blowfish" -av --delete /home/daniels/ lagavulin:/home1/daniels/
  echo This is not host $BHOST

In this case you should also ensure that you get the correct order for source and target directories!

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