eSSENCE-EMMC Multiscale Modelling Meeting 2021 – 7-8 June on Zoom

The “eSSENCE-EMMC Multiscale Modelling Meeting 2021 – physics-based and data-driven” will be an online meeting held online 7- 8 June 2021. Registration is open! The program consists of five key-note talks followed by Q/A sessions, an e-poster session (no abstract needed), invited talks, and a panel discussion. Posters (with or without oral microspresentations) need to be registered by 1 June. All information is found at

Georg Kresse (Professor, University of Vienna, Austria)
“Finite temperature properties with first principles accuracy, is machine learning the way to go?”

Anders Hagfeldt (Professor, Vice-Chancellor, Uppsala University, Sweden)
“The nanoscience of solar power: observations from experiment and (some) insights from theory”

Julia Contreras-García (Professor, CNRS – Paris, France)
“Revealing intermolecular interactions, ionic and covalent bonding from the reduced density gradient and other tools”

Olle Häggström (Professor, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
“AI and the Algorithms that govern your life (for better or worse)”

Alejandro A. Franco (Professor, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, France)
“Battery processes: Modelling at the coarse-grained and continuum levels”

Kersti Hermansson, Peter Broqvist and the rest of the organizing team
Uppsala University

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