The external address to login via SSH is:

  • Linux: use the distribution provided SSH client
  • Windows: here are some popular suggestions: PuTTY, MobaXterm (includes X server, convenient to use to open some light graphical programs. OpenGL programs like GaussView, VMD, Gdis etc. are too heavy for such connection. Use VNC (manual later) instead)
  • Mac: Dou, can you write few lines here?

Access to teoroo network is restricted to .se domains in general, which means that you can connect only from IP that has .se domain. To check what is your domain, use the service provided by UPPMAX which has similar policy. For convenience, some Universities we have collaborations are also included in the “white list”. To have other IP addresses in the “white list”, please contact the some of the teoroo administrators to arrange it.

To access you desktop machine, first login to You will be logged to the teoroologin node automatically. From there you can ssh to your desktop machine.

It is easy to use properly ssh-keys properly. Please follow the manual provided here on how to create a ssh-key pair.