All computational centers provide SSH access to their resources. Please read, the information provided by each center on how to create an account, establish connection, submit a job etc.

Here are listed just few methods on how to transfer files between you computer desktop or laptop to a computer with SSH access.


from a text console: (scp manual online or “man scp” in a text console)

%> scp    files
%> scp -r folder\

Another alternatives are sftp or rsync.

Gnome (Nautilus) integration: This method will connect the remote folder to your computer, so you can use the graphical interface to “drag&drop” files the “windows way”. Keep in mind that the files appear as they are on your computer but they are actually on the remote server, so editing files will first copy them locally (it is done behind the scene, so you will not see it happening) then copy them back to the server when you are done (large files are particularly problematic).

From the system menu (Places -> Connect to Server…) select “Service type:” SSH and fill the fields. Leave “Port:” field empty.

Note: If the network goes bad, there might be some unpredictable effects on your computer (hanging, slow response or none, and other).

Midnight Commander (Text User Interface TUI): link | link | (or google for it)

sshfs: (requires root, advanced) link



WinSCP, MobaXterm (it has built in file transfer client).
Both programs are are known to have slow transfer speed because of different reasons (WinSCP could be 4 times slower than regular scp).



Call a friend with Mac to ask. (and please add the information here)