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Dalton Transactions poster prize

Inorganic-days-poster-prize-200x300The conference “Oorgandagarna – Inorganic Days” was held in Åhus in Sweden from 17-19 June 2013. Dalton Transactions sponsored two poster prizes, and the two winners were Erik Lewin and Matthew Wolf from Uppsala University. Congratulations to Erik and Matthew, and I hope all the conference attendees had a great time!

eSSENCE – multiscale workshop 2013

To push the boundaries of e-science closer to realistic applications, and to improve our understanding of chemical and physical phenomena, development of methods and models at all levels is needed, from the electronic scale to coarse-grained simulations. Not least, we must find ways to combine methods in a powerful and creative fashion to bridge the different time and length gaps in a seamless fashion. The national e-science programme eSSENCE – where Uppsala University, Lund University and Umeå University are partners – now welcomes you to the meeting Read more »