The 2019 eSSENCE meeting on “Multiscale modelling of materials and molecules”

The 2019 eSSENCE meeting on 
“Multiscale modelling of materials and molecules” 
will take place 3-5 June in Uppsala

“The Nanoporous Materials Genome in action – molecules in prison.”

“Molecular property = f(structure) relations from QSAR, physics and ML”

“Technology buzzwords in Silicon Valley – and what they mean.”

“Probabilistic modelling – driven by data, guided by physics”

“The road to accuracy – and how to assess it.”

“Multiscale-modelling of batteries and Battery 2030+”

… and more to come!


The meeting will have a continued focus on the challenge of  physics-based and data-driven?”  How can physics-based insight and data-driven analysis  best work together (or at least how can they complement each other)? Will the reliability and accuracy of our results improve?  Registration is open! Abstracts on the general theme of multiscale modelling (we use the term in a broad sense) and on the data-driven vs. physics models theme are equally welcome.


Very welcome to come and participate and discuss modelling!

Kersti Hermansson, Peter Broqvist and team

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